Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions, along with supplemental information such as our Policies and Procedures, delineate the agreement between Kidz Camp Essex and the parent/guardian when making a booking. Should you have any queries regarding our Terms and Conditions, please feel free to contact a team member at 01702 879224.

  1. Payments: Kidz Camp Essex accepts payments through Bank Transfers, Childcare Vouchers, Tax-Free Childcare, and Childcare Grant Payment Services. All payments must be settled before your child's attendance at camp, typically with a deadline of one week prior. Failure to make payment before your child attends may result in the cancellation of your booking. A late payment fee of £50 may be added to bookings paid after your child's attendance to cover administrative costs. Bookings must be made through your own account, accessible via our website
  2. Childcare Vouchers: When utilizing childcare vouchers for payment, please notify your provider upon receiving booking confirmation. Allow up to 5 working days for payments from your provider to reach us, ensuring this is done well in advance.
  3. Changing Your Booking: Should you wish to modify booked days, prompt notification is essential. Failure to communicate changes in a timely manner may result in an inability to guarantee space for the desired date. Failure to attend a reserved space may result in applicable charges at Kidz Camp Essex's discretion.
  4. Cancellation Policy: A minimum notice of 2 days or 48 hours is required for the cancellation of any days. Credit notes for future camps will be issued for prepaid days cancelled with proper notice. Cancellation outside the two-day window may result in the forfeiture of any funds paid.
  5. Late Collection: Children must be collected no later than 6 pm if the late session is booked. A fee of £5 for every 15 minutes late will be charged. In case of no successful contact by 6:30 pm, social services may be contacted, and Kidz Camp Essex reserves the right to refuse future bookings for consistently late pickups.
  6. Your Child's Information: The booking party is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of all information provided during booking, particularly regarding medical history, additional needs, and emergency contact details. Kidz Camp Essex may deny entry without the required information. It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to keep all information current and accurate.
  7. Activities/Schedules: Activities may be affected by poor weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Any changes will be communicated promptly. Timetables and schedules are guides and are subject to change.
  8. Staff Ratios: We maintain appropriate staff-to-child ratios for optimal care. Junior instructors may be present to assist. Unfortunately, we cannot offer individual care unless pre-arranged.
  9. Video Footage/Photography: We may capture videos and photographs for promotional purposes, using designated devices. No other devices are permitted. Parents can request exclusion, and inclusion preferences can be specified at drop-off.
  10. Nut Allergy Policy: While efforts are made to ensure nut-free environments, we cannot guarantee the absence of traces. Parents are urged not to send items with nuts or traces to camps.
  11. Packed Lunches: If providing a packed lunch, it should include fluids and be non-perishable. Water stations are available. Tuck shop expenses should not exceed £1 daily.
  12. Lost Property: Parents are responsible for their child's belongings. Unclaimed items will be held until the next break and then donated to charity.
  13. Complaints: Kidz Camp Essex is committed to resolving issues promptly. Contact our head office or venue manager. Refunds or compensation will be granted if we breach terms; verbal abuse will not be tolerated.
  14. Data Protection: Registered under the Data Protection Act, Kidz Camp Essex treats personal details confidentially, using them for camp-related communication. Consent for marketing will be sought.
  15. FREE Day Passes: Pre-booked and noted during booking, free day passes cannot be used without prior notice. Entry may be refused without notification. These passes cover 7:30 am - 4:30 pm.
  16. Health, Illness & First Aid: Sick children must stay home, and medication is administered only with a completed consent form. First aid aligns with Ofsted's framework, with at least one paediatric first aider on-site.
  17. Policies & Procedures: Available upon request, contact [email protected] or 01702 879224.
  18. Safeguarding: Kidz Camp Essex investigates and reports any suggestion of child abuse or neglect to Ofsted or local authorities.
  19. Extreme Weather: In extreme conditions, Kidz Camp Essex prioritizes child well-being, implementing measures such as limited sun exposure, shade breaks, and appropriate clothing. Parents must provide sun protection, and perishable lunches require ice packs in warmer weather. In colder months, appropriate clothing is essential, with limited outdoor time.

Updated January 1st, 2024.