Special Activities

At Kidz Camp Essex, every day is an adventure filled with excitement and surprises, thanks to our carefully selected Special Activities that guarantee an extra dose of fun! We take pride in keeping things fresh and exhilarating, constantly introducing new activities to our schedules. This ensures that the Kidz, brimming with curiosity and enthusiasm, are treated to a variety of experiences. From thrilling challenges to creative endeavours, our current line-up of special activities features an array of engaging options. So, whether it's a unique sports challenge, a creative arts project, or an enthralling team-building exercise, each day promises an extra layer of excitement at Kidz Camp Essex.

Animal Encounters
Bouncy Castles
Colour War
CSI Detective Workshop
Dance Workshop
End of Camp Parties
Ezy Rollers
Fancy Dress
Mini Golf
Mini Olympics
Music Workshop
Nerf Wars
Paintball Shooting
Science Workshop
Soft Archery
Sports Days
Kidz Camp Talent Show
Water Slide