Creative Kidz


Kidz Camp essex is focused on ensuring that every child that comes through our doors is catered for and has the best time possible.

That's why we always put a lot of effort into our Creative Arts programme.

The creative side to our camps is just as important as the Sports & Activities and is designed for both girls and boys of all ages.


 Projects include:

 • Themed crafts

 • Bird Feeders

 • Picture Frames

 • Seasonal gift cards

 • Finger puppets

 • Masks

 • Lollipop stick boxes

 • Jewellery Making

 • Finger Painting

•  Sweet Treat Making & Decorating

 • Animal Mask Making

 • Loom Bands

 • Cake Making

 • Lego Building

 • Robot Building

 • Comic Book Making

 And many more…