Sports & Activites


Each day at camp there will be a different selection of Sports & Activities on offer. There will also be an opportunity for the children to decide what they want to do daily, even if it is not on the schedule.

All schedules will be decided in advance based on the season and what has been fed back to us, by our customers as the more popular Sports & Activities for Children.

Our aim is to maintain a fresh approach to our schedules, which engage each child daily.


Activities may include:

• Dodgeball

• Basketball

• Football

• Cricket

• Rounders

• Benchball

• Parachute fun

• Bench Football

• Kickball

 • Tag Rugby

 • Relay Races

 • Ultimate Frisbee

 • Hockey

 • Soft Archery

 • Mini Games

• Obstacle Course

 • Bunker Wars

 • Crash Mat Slide

 • Tennis

 • Mini Olympics


and many more...