Sports & Activities

Prepare for a well-structured and diverse daily program at Kidz Camp Essex, offering a comprehensive array of Sports & Activities designed to cater to varying interests. The unique feature of our camp lies in granting children the autonomy to influence their daily experiences, providing them with the opportunity to contribute ideas, even if outside the official schedule. At Kidz Camp Essex, our commitment to fostering spontaneity ensures a tailored and memorable experience for each participant.

Our meticulously planned schedules, developed in advance, are a thoughtful amalgamation of activities proven to be popular among all children. Ranging from classic games such as dodgeball and football to more distinctive adventures like Ultimate Frisbee and Bunker Wars, our Sports & Activities repertoire guarantees continuous engagement. With a straightforward objective of sustaining a dynamic and captivating approach, Kidz Camp Essex aims to captivate every child's interest on a daily basis. Anticipate a varied line-up, encompassing relay races, mini games, soft archery, and even a crash mat slide.